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Schacht Lens

135mm Travegon Schacht lens for M42 camera 13.5cm - 15 aperture blades


A. Schacht Ulm Travegon lens 1:4,5/13.5cm f4.5 135mm Made in Germany L39 Mount


Rare A Schacht Ulm M Travenar R 50mm 2.8 F4 Pentax M42 Prime Lens Adapt to Canon


A Schacht ulm lens Travegon 3.5 35mm for Exakta


A. Schacht Ulm 135mm 3.5 Travenar Prime Lens in box - Exakta KE Mount


Schacht Travenar Lens 135mm f/3.5 | Exakta Exa 611* 


[email protected]@K! Schacht 35mm f3.5 Travegon LTM L39 (Leica), RARE! [email protected]@K!!!


Edixa - Travenar A. Schacht Ulm 85mm 1:2.8....in Pentax M42 Screw Mount...


A Schacht Ulm R Travenon lens 1:4,5/135 made in Germany #L2#


Schacht Travenar Lens 135mm f/3.5 M42 489* 


M42 - Schacht Travenar 3.5 / 135mm R Lens - semi-auto - 16 blades - exc+


A. Schacht Travenar 135mm f/3.5 Exakta Mount Lens case caps


M42 A.SCHACHT ULM Edixa-Travenar 1:2,8/50 f2.8 50mm LENS + CAPS - VERY CLEAN


Schacht R-Travegon Lens 35mm f/3.5 | Exakta Exa 819* 


A.Schacht Ulm Travegon 35mm F3.5 for Leica Rangefinder. L39 or adapt to Leica M


MINT A.Schacht Ulm Travenar 2.8/90 R Exakta Exa Topcon, clean, tested A7: TOP


Schacht M39 3,5/35mm R Travegon SHP43568


Schacht-Travenar f. Leidolf Wetzlar Lordomat 135mm 4 SHP52911


A.Schacht 90mm f2.8 Travenar R Leica SM #359458


A. Schacht Ulm f. M42 3,3/100mm Travegar R SHP50528


A.Schacht 35mm f3.5 Travegon R Leica SM #358762


A.Schacht 35mm f3.5 Travegon R Leica SM #387958


A.Schacht 90mm f2.8 R Travenar #307136


A. SCHACHT ULM 50mm f3.5 R TRAVEGAR Enlarging lens




A.Schacht 85mm f2.8 Travenar Leica SM #33757


A.Schacht 90mm 1:2,8 Edixa-Mat-Travenar SHP38329


A.Schacht 35mm f3.5 Travegon Exakta mount #79951


A.Schacht Chrome 85mm f2.8 Travenar Exakta mount #31675


Very Rare Germany A.Schacht 81616 R Travenar 1:3.5 135mm Vintage Camera Lens!


Schacht-Travenar f. Leidolf Wetzlar Lordomat 135mm 4 SHP52910


A.Schacht Ulm 100mm F3.3 Travegar R Free Shipping #EL0067


Lens Schacht R Travenar 2.8/85mm For Contax S Pentax M42 Mint Box